Lowrider Wire Wheels 
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Knock-Off and Direct-Bolt Wire Wheels
Truewire knock-off wheels are imported from China
direct-bolt wheels are made in the USA

100 Spoke Knock-Off Straight Lace Wheels 72 Spoke Cross-Lace
Knock-Off Wheels
72 Spoke
Straight-Lace Wheels
Truespoke 50-Spokes
Small hub - lug nuts are visible
Trueray Wire Wheels
60-Spokes - Straight Lace
Supreme Custom Wheels
Made in the USA - 14 and 15"
Collector Car Series
Kelsey Hayes Style - GM-Ford-Chrysler
Artillery, Smoothie
Steel Wheels
Discount Whitewall Tires
All major brands

Truespoke Wire Wheels
Telephone: 760 - 731-8301 - email - all phone calls returned